Sport performance enhancing

Thanking to NCR and Gábor, after a long break I performed compared to myself again well on a running race. Though am not a professional, I like running, bike riding, training in gym. Have been doing sport since years, but more intensively only after the birth of my two children, above age 40. However, due to a plastic surgery I had to take a break. After the surgery months went by with no training, making my preparation for the upcoming running races impossible. There was a very short time left till the race, thus I went out to jog only a few times to see if I was at all able to pursue this sport for kilometers. Thanking to the NCR treatments my physical condition improved a lot. Despite the scoliosis developed in my childhood neither my waist, nor my hip and knee started to ache after a distance of 7 kms! There was even no sign of pain, I can happily move free again.

K. Laura

Facial development, more effective training

I do sports regularly, live health-conscious lifestyle. I’m listening to my body and so I was aware of some minor problems. For example, my nose is quite skewed. Amazingly, it has become straighter after the first treatment series. I was more tired during the first treatment series, but slept less and more deeply. Approx. a week after completing the treatment series my energy level has exceeded the level before treatment. The sense of balance has improved a lot, I felt my body center better. Gábor is a very good diagnostician, found just in a few minutes my body’s asymmetrical differences and the findings were in line with the problems previously treated by a chiropractor. As one of my hip is slightly lower than the other – that’s why one of my legs is shorter – if I run a lot, my hip hurts. The treatment of the chiropractor gave 1-2 days’ results, Gábor’s treatment managed to completely cease the in my hips long standingly present and recurring pain. I do not claim to have the two legs of equal length, but the situation has definitely improved. The second series of treatments achieved far more spectacular effect. After treatment my head immediately became much clearer, and my mood improved. The bones of my face for days were looking for their new place, but it was a very pleasant feeling. As my body’s asymmetry is reduced, I feel as if I got taller. The way I walk has changed, the I more feel my muscles if I move. I do training with weights and am on a protein-rich diet and despite my muscles barely grew since several months, after the training they got easily “pumped”. It can only be due to the treatments – because nothing else I changed – that over the past two months has been a more spectacular change and in weight can be seen as well. I feel exuberant form and looking forward to the newer treatment because there is still to be changed on my body. S. Kata (Hungary)

S. Kata

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Low back pain

I tried out the NCR because of waist pains. I have experienced even after the first treatment, that it’s easier to move, my waist hurts less. I had the feeling as if my legs had brought me forward more, I walked straighter. As if my brain, my thoughts would have been cleaner after the treatments. I attended four consecutive days of treatments, it was very interesting that every morning my body almost longed for another treatment. I’m looking forward to the next series of treatments!

V. László

Disc herniation

I am a 67 year old pensioner tennis coach, 16 times Hungarian champion. I have been playing tennis since I was 12, my pains started at age 20 in my sacrum. Unfortunately the that-time sportsmedicine-science favoured the pain relief, thus my problems only worsened. By the time a surgery could have taken place, I was no longer operable because of the high number of disc herniation. It remained the constant pain, suffering, pang on the outside of my shin, in my neck and in my spine. I stumbled even on smooth terrain because my legs refused to obey. Since a few years ago I could not even walk, for the first time hip and then knee replacement surgery took place. For my neck- and spinal pain no solution was reached, they said, I had to spend the rest of my life so! In the meantime, I keep looking for the alternative therapies that either not at all or very temporary helped. I went to magnetic bio-resonance, thread-shirr acupuncture, chiropractor (this was the most effective in the row!), manual therapy, physiotherapy, spa, etc… I spent plenty of money, I kept everything, but nothing brought solution. After the surgery, I found that the hip and knee pain decreased, but the neck and spine problems still not improved. After 10 steps I felt as if my legs were “hooked” in the wrong way, as if they started from my waist – I had to stop, I had to sit down. At that time I was reccomended to participate in NCR treatment. It was very powerful to me, four treatments were enough to feel that my spine became “light”, flexible, and did not hurt. Today I do not feel like I felt for 46 years, that a herd of elephants sits on my back. Amazing to me also, but I can walk great, in fact, I play tennis with my grandchildren. The other day one of them exclaimed: “Grandma, you can run!”. And I had not even noticed! Well, the good is easy to get used to…

Sz. Judith

Better posture

Report after one month of my first NCR series: I had the pleasure to meet Gabor a month ago in Budapest where I received my first 4 day series of NCR. I initially contacted him because I wanted to achieve better posture and also smooth out the lordosis present on my lower back. Gabor is very talented when it comes to detecting structural issues and assymetries in the body. The treatment went smoothly and it took a couple of days for the changes to be noticeable (for me at least). I was amazed to notice that my structure had changed and for the better too! Here is a list of changes I have noticed in the past month: – skull bones smoother, the ridge on top of my skull disappeared – overall more symmetrical structure (face and body) – better balance – floaters in my eyes dramatically diminished – I just had my eyes checked and was happy to notice that my short-sightedness had improved by half a point on both eyes – on the personality side, I have become kinder, calmer, more controlled and much less anxious. A sense of positivity and optimism seems to pervade my being. – the month after the treatment was spent almost entirely in a state of naturality’s height All this after just one series! It definetly changed my whole being! I’m now looking forward to my second series. I highly recommend Gabor, he is a very skilled NCR practicioner who looks at the body in a holistic way. I fully trust him.

Gaston D. (Sweden)

Spiritual healing

Report after my 6th NCR series: My facial and body symmetry continue to improve. Cheekbones continue to rise from the deep, my midface has gotten shorter vertically as my features are getting more balanced and proportioned. My radiation overall has significantly changed. As I’m getting closer to my natural state, I notice that the mind is getting progressively more clear and balanced. The anxiety and depression that I was experiencing sometimes have completely gone, leaving a sense of peacefulness and joy. I generally feel more outgoing and extroverted, without social anxiety and with a newfound interest in meeting people. No more addictions as I’m getting more and more comfortable with my “vessel”. The pain I had in my lowerback has disappeared and the discomfort I was feeling on the right side of my hip has gone. Also, NCR together with correct tongue posturing has accelerated my orthodontia (my upper palate has significantly gotten wider since last November). Oh yeah, no more headaches! 😉

Gaston D. (Sweden)

Improvement of more old age symptoms

Dear Gábor Hadházy! Hereby, I would like to thank you for having been part of a series of NCR treatments, the benefits of which I enjoy in my everyday life. These four treatments have brought about a significant improvement in my movement, posture and physical performance. Indeed, a series of physical symptoms no longer hurt my comfort. For example: my orbitaltemporal pain has disappeared, there is no overnight calf spasm, my ankle does not bloat, my tinnitus is gone, I run through the night and wake up fit in the morning. As a result of my well-being, I eagerly do my daily job, and all this positively affects my mood. I am pleased to arrange my duties more clearly and accurately. And what is more, the weather fronts do not bother me any more. Overall, I feel like I was back to my 40s. I felt so good long time ago, in which the regenerative capacity of my body plays a major role, or rather the re-activation of it. I’m glad to have done this step for myself, because it proves to me that it is unnecessary to tolerate the many disruptive “little things” that I’ve been pointing at my age (63 years) untill now. Thank you very much for your work carried out with precision and subtle humility!

E-né Györgyi (Hungary)

Spiritual health, knee pain

My name is André, I’m a 29 year old male from Austria. The reason I chose to try out NCR was a 15 year period where my physical health (and consequently my mental health) just seemed to know one direction: downward. Up until the age of 14 I was a happy young boy who did a ton of sports and had a great life all around. But gradually things started to take a turn for the worse. I developed a chronically sore throat and couldn’t do any more sports because of that. If I did try to exercise even a little, my throat condition would get worse immediately. Furthermore I got chronic pain in my right knee, which would only go away when I was lying down. Over time I noticed especially my face but also my overall body becoming less and less attractive (bowed legs, narrow face, ears and eyes on different levels, etc.). I suffered from all that a lot..the chronic pains… my lost attractiveness… having to watch my friends/peers being able to work out, having attractive bodies, and being adored by girls… Plus, I developed some kind of social anxiety where I constantly felt observed, judged and ridiculed by others, whenever I went out in public. What followed were years of social isolation, depression and last but not least… illness. In 2015, I went to the UK to see an orthodontist who’s very interested in how craniofacial development is related to the overall health and structure of the entire body. He diagnosed me with having craniofacial dystrophy (a term coined by him) and a deep cranial asymmetry, which he suggested to be treated with NCR. That’s how I met Gábor. One of the first things I learnt about Gàbor is that he takes his profession very seriously – he answered every single question I had about the treatment with great diligence and did everything he could do to make me feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire process: the preparation/massage, the balloon inflation and finally the proprioceptive testing. What astounded me about the balloon inflation itself was how much pressure this little balloon exerted on my cranial bones. To be honest, right after the first treatment I couldn’t really feel much of a difference, but when I woke up the next morning, I noticed that my left eye (which had been lower than my right eye and always was kind of “sleepy/tired” looking) had moved up! A first sign that things started to change! But here’s what really flashed me: when I walked out from Gábor’s treatment on the 2nd day, I suddenly felt an unexplicable calmness and relaxation. I was out in public, and still… most of the anxiety and feelings of being judged, observed and messed with (that I had for so many years) were gone! I can’t describe how relieving that felt… Also: when I came back to my hotel, I watched some comedic stuff on youtube and for the first time since a long time I burst out into real honest laughter and just felt happy! I can’t even remember the last time I was truly happy like in this moment. I’m really excited to see in which other areas I will see improvements over the next weeks, months or even years… as my body unwinds itself through NCR.

André K. (Austria)

Parkinson’s disease

My mom diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease was on NCR therapy a month ago, and she feels very good ever since. Moreover she is getting better day by day!! Her problem was: intense hand stiffness, atony, weakness, depression, sometimes confusion and she did not remember the happenings 1-2 days before. I did not know the therapy, so I did not believe in it at the beginning. The therapy lasted 4 days. On the first day it was quite hard for the three of us to put her up onto the treatment bed. On day 2 she could already lay up on by herself. On day 3 on our way to the therapy my mom said in the car: “my daughter, 20 years ago you were here to take your language exam!” Even me myself did not remember this only after she said so, to be honest. If I can phrase so, a miracle happened to my mother. The tired, herself hardly able to serve aunt with languid, empty eyed look, not remembering the happenings has become a mentally and physically active aunt. Spinning with thousand (sometimes even too much!!), mentally fresh (at age 81 like a 50!), washes the clothes, cooks, cleans up and tells such old stories day after day that even I have already long ago forgotten! Just can suggest it to everyone, am speaking of experience, this NCR therapy really works, moreover I could not suggest anything better for neurological issues!!! It helped my mom very much, like if she was not the same person now!! If I do not see this change, I would not believe that such exists!! If it was necessary I would take my mom again or any of my dear relatives. THOUSAND thanks!!!

Dr. T. Teréz rheumatologist (Hungary)

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Energy level rise

Up to this point I’ve now received a total of 5 treatment series from Gábor. Over time I’ve noticed the following physical/mental changes: Right after the first treatment I observed an obvious improvement of my facial asymmetry. Before my left eye was significantly lower than the right, and people often gave me weird/funny looks because of that. Now my eyes are almost the same level, my hole face just looks healthier and more normal. And I don’t get weird looks from people anymore, having a positive effect on my confidence when I go out in public. The level of stress and anxiety I used to have when among people has dropped to an all-time low. Everyday interactions with people have become a lot easier and more relaxed. I feel like I have more energy and I’m more in tune with the rhythm of life: less fighting, less struggling, more happiness and joy. So after a long journey of anxiety and chronic health issues I’ve finally regained a positive outlook on life! Thanks to NCR!

André K. (Austria)

Parkinson’s disease

We saw Gábor before Christmas with my 73 year old mother, as the recently diagnosed Parkinson’s disease had set us more and more barriers. We read about the effectiveness of NCR treatments on the internet. My mother had not slept for days, and if did, it was a horrid nightmare. 🙁 Poor mom barely could stand on her little feet, had no power even to walk. We are infinitely graceful to Gábor for the results. The treatment was 4 occasions, 4 consecutive days. The first day my mother was very tired and endlessly tensed (we travelled 200 kms), that of course made it harder, but thanking to treatments she became much more relaxed, much stronger, gained a better posture, movement and memory!!! As the series was over, Gábor asked my mom about how she felt, the reply was: “Have reborn! Thank you!” We are very grateful, I recommend it to everyone!

S. Anikó (Transylvania-Romania)

Headache, poor sleeping

I did a lot of research about NCR and the benefits of it like you feel calmer, no more headaches and stuff like that, I wanted those benefits, I was looking where I could do this therapy and I was lucky that I live in Budapest which happens to be the only city in Europe that has someone that does NCR who is Gábor. I immediately booked my appointment and met Gábor, he is a very nice, polite guy, I was so excited to do my first NCR treatment, finally, that balloon gonna enter my nose, immediately after Gábor inflated that balloon and took it out of my nose I felt instant relief, after the four series I don’t know what headaches are, I feel so calmer, I can breathe way better and sleep deeply. I noticed some of these changes even in the first serie, now I am doing my second sessions (another 4 series) because I just feel great most of the time now with no more headaches. I highly encourage you to do NCR it’s really worth the investment.

Anis C. (Italy)

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