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The method was developed by Dean Howell (USA).

About NCR

The method was develeoped in the USA by my tutor, Dean Howell. As he best phrases,

“NeuroCranial Restructuring is a manipulation process used to unwind the body into its original and optimal design. It utilizes careful analysis of the body’s proprioception (patterns of balance) to determine the precise areas of the skull needing to be unlocked. This unlocking allows the connective tissues (including the meningeal system) to release their residual tensions and move the bony structures incrementally back towards the body’s original design.”

As the stress relief of the sutures and connective tissue of the skull progresses, the skull’s anatomic pulsing movement is also gradually reestablishes.

Why is NCR needed?

The answer is complex and continuously new informations come to light. Probable causes are the modern civilized society,

the problem all arise as the distortion of the skull and its interconnected system, the whole body.

This distortion can be corrected by giving a proper impulse to the connective tissue of the sphenoid bone, that is located in the front of the skull. This bone is connected nearly with all the skull bones and seems to be the key of the system, thus the organism reacts surprisingly well and runs the change in the whole body and nervous system.



 Cases related to the condition of the physical body and its position

  • Osteoporosis
  • Septal deviation, mouth breathing, snoring, sleep apnea
  • Facial and chewing joint (TMJ) pains and problems
  • Eye pain

Unfavourable conditions related to body posture and aesthetical appearance

  • Post pregnancy postural problems
  • Problems arising after breast surgeries, breast plastic surgery, insertation of silicone implants.
  • General postural problems

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The demonstration of an NCR treatment by my tutor, Dean Howell

In the following 25 minute video my tutor Dean Howell demonstrates an NCR treatment. Though the video is cut, the phases of and the treatment process itself is clearly displayed. The preparatory work mentioned in the About the NCR chapter, the testing process and the balloon treatment can all be seen. All painlessly carried out in comfortable dress on a massage bed.

The website under deals with the importance of the proper position of the 12 skull bones and their fascia. Reaching beyond the balance of pure physical function, it describes the harmony of spiritual function in context with the skull bones and the fascia. The skull bones are called the “The Lovely Bones” and the site covers the lateral skull bones (temporal bones) and their effect on our life, as well as how dramatic moves the twist of their fascia – also called the Magis Fabric beacuse of its importance and great changing ability – can cause. As symptoms and diseases, tinnitus, anxiety, noise sensitivity, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, bipolar disorder and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are mentioned. With NCR the position of the skull bones and the fascia can be restored and all this can be treated.

The parasympathetic nervous system is one branch of the autonomic nervous system (the other is the sympathetic nervous system). It is important to mention this as NCR treatments are carried out during and fitting in the parasympathetic fuction of the organism. The parasympathetic nervous system serves the daily maintenance of our organism’s life: this is a resting state including digestion and excretion. NCR does not induce stress on the body as it is not a treatment incorporated with pain, fear and anxiety. Thus it does not induce the organism to defensive, resistant operation (this is the symathetic nervous system function) but together with it, in harmony, quasi waving in one rhythm, in one phase carries it towards equilibrium. This is important not olny beacase of the pleasantness of the treatment but because of its results as well. In sympathetic mode results must be enforced from our organism against its will, it reflexively switches over to sympathetic mode as it resisits, does not feel good, (e.g. breaking the nose so that it points straight during an aesthetic operation). Results reached in sympathetic mode can thus only questionably be called results as they do not consider the unified body and soul and do not treat in natural way. NCR treats and heals in parasympathetic mode approaching the unified body and soul. About the parasympathetic nervous system in more detail in Wikipedia:

The referred Wikipedia article is concerned with the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). It is worth noting how small the slit is that the CSF fills, so how close the skull and the brain are. Thus if the skull does not take its anatomic shape – however distrotions measurable even in cms occur – the CSF not evenly or on certain places not at all surrounds the brain or does not circulate around it. Owing to this the CSF can not fully perform either it shock-absorbing effect (one of its function is the protection of the brain against shocks and vibrations) or its function of draining metablic by-products of the brain and the central nervous system. Also, beacuse it is responsible to maintain the almost weightlessness of the brain (it makes the 1400 gram brain to weigh 25 grams due to Archimedes’ principle) it can happen that the CSF cannot perform this role fully as well in case the brain touches the skull. In addition the nerve impulse transmittion around the brain and towards the spinal cord (that is also surronded by the CSF) can also be damaged, which together with the aboves can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, autism, Down’s syndrome, dyslexia, headaches or migraine headaches, hyperactivity, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and/or poor concentration. NCR treatment is a great help ceasing all these and restoring the proper position and function.

What can be achieved with NCR performance enhancement therapy?

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NCR treatment and therapy to make you feel better!

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