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What kind of lifestyle changes can enhance the effectiveness of NCR treatments?

The effectiveness of NCR treatments can greately be facilitated if a couple of days before and after we do not perform heavy physical work and sports associated with severe physical damage or punches (e.g. box or Muay Thai workouts). It is worth avoiding running, not to burden the misaligned physique (every physique has smaller or bigger misalignment) with shock-like effects as it will get even worse. Walking or bike riding is recommended instead. Walking is not a hit-like shock, riding a bike in turn moves the by the upper body downwards pushed and in many cases strained sacrum and pelvis, as the sacrum is supported by the saddle, the legs and the pelvis are hanging, perform a circular move and meanwhile loosen. A very good complementing move is the elliptical trainer, as it synchronizes the move of the upper and lower body, what is more, it programmes the original anatomic movement. In many cases both the anatomic movement and the interconnection of the upper and lower body are missing, the upper and lower body due to the slippings, strains and muscle disconnections do not function connectedly together. This can be worsened by running while helped by the use of elliptical trainer. Generally saying besides taking these all into consideration we do good to ourselves if after the treatments – and of course the same applies to our lifestyle also – listen inside, to ourselves, to our emotions and desires. We can perceive what changes and what would feel good. We can experience fatigue both mentally and physically. The new, better brain function often requires the inset of short restings, one-one restart, before shifting to higher grades. The same applies to the physical body. Let’s rest when feeling it would be good to lay down a bit, relax, and after a good strecth get up. After my treatments in London I felt this many times, I rested, I layed or I walked in the park listening to what is different and letting the change happen. We can perceive how we step differently, how we put down our feet differently, the weight is distributed another way, new muscles start to function and we might have muscle soreness.

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