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Proper, aesthetic, anatomical physique and posture

The same applies to women and men who for any reason do not have shapely body. Furthermore, I regretly experience that ladies either consciously (as they are not able to do anything that has appearence) and/or due to the misguidance of “experts” try to make their bottom appear shapely the way that they keep trying to bend the curve of their lumbar spine futher or twist further backwards the at the lumbar area already refracted (in many cases there is no curve but the spine owing to the rigidities, on one point “relents” and refracts) spine and look almost like a broken-spine person. This resembles to a duck posture, a duck walk when the legs twist inwards due to the additionally strained bending forwards of the pelvis. Unless their sceletal- and muscular system gets into their proper position they will not be able to acquire a nice physique! The basics has to be, has to be helped to be set to its place. Taking a look at the lumbar spine of a competitive sportsperson, a runner or an athlete, we can see that it has a mild anatomic curve and runs deep in between and in the protection of the gluteal, yet and beacuse of this the breech is shapely, properly heigh and not hanging. Coud not reach results if the physique was not on place. Aesthetic physique does not depend on training, it solely can be strengthened and developed by it. One never visited gym can also posess nice physique purely because of the everyday movements if the skeletal- and muscular system are on their proper anatomic place, muscles respectively laying in pulling direction, and as a result of this are shapely, “round”. False is the approach that one has “flat” breech beacuse of inadequate squatting with weights, so with a lifestyle of weight-squats it can therewith be corrected. Owing to the lack of skills, honesty and solution are the persons willing to improve their movement, physical and aesthetical condition guided astray, among those women undergoing pregnancy are increasedly affected. As the skeletal- and muscular system is mapped in and is tightly related to the system of skull bones, with NCR the proper skeletal- and muscular system and thus the aesthetic, attractive, well-functioning physique and nice movement can be reached and restored, and can therafter with never seen before successes be developed. Shapely, round muscles appear after flat musclulature if the body gets reset into its anatomic position and posture. Then muscles and bones stay on thier place and show their real shape because they stand in pulling direction. Harmonical, nice, aery movement depends also on properly positioned body and well functioning muscle- and nervous system. With NCR a homogeneous physique free of tension, disconnection, non-functioning, out of position muscles can be obtained. Symmetrical, full, attractively appearing face belongs to this topic as well. Not only concerning it function, but also in its aesthetical aspect. Face is our primary appearance, that is visible always and immediately and its shape and fullness can impress and win our surroundings. NCR improves its shape, fullness, appearance, proportions, symmetry and thus beyond it functionality, raises the individual level of self-confidence.

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