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Heading towards and approaching Divine (golden cut) proportions

First of all, proper, aesthetic, anatomic physique and posture is obviously defined in literature. I experience though, that many trainers, excercise instructors – respect for the excepitions – do not posess the right information. Firstly because they try to change posture with deep- and body moving muscles, that is not not possible as I already discussed in point 2. Body posture is a subconscious, the body is held by the deep muscles and ligaments if there is no barrier, obstacle – like the slipping of the skeletal system – in the adjustment process. If the body doesn’t stand in its anatomic position, it is impossible to reset with muscles. The cause, the slipping of the skeletal system has to be ceased instead of trying to affect the consequence! NCR resets the skeletal system, and then the adjusting muscles and the ligament system automatically adjust the body to its proper position. After ceasing the cause will the body moving muscles align in direction, show their real shape, and in case there still is desire for their development, thus already can be developed. Furthermore, teaching and reprogramming anatomical movements is quite missing from traditional training methods. We do not perform those excercises that are in line with anatomical movements and thus further worsen the function of the body that is already not in anatomic position. Good examlpe for this is T-rod rowing that is usually performed with straight, stiff back or the skew bench sit ups that used to be performed by hooked legs and stright, stiff back. However, humans do not move like that, are not created for such separated stiffened movements. In case of the T-rod rowing, the back naturally curls up in order to exert power, the frontal side of the pelvis approaches the rib cage, and when lifting the wight the back straightens the pelvis receds. By skew bench sit ups or any ABS excercises the back curls up, the front of the pelvis approaches the ribs, namely the function of the ABS is this, not to waggle the stiffened upper body as a “Get up Harry”! In connection with the respect to the exception I definitely wish to mention the Hungarian Alexandra Béres as an exceptional sportswoman, trainer and instructor. In her She well knows the human body, her own body, the anatomical movement and the reprogramming of the anatomical movement also. Rare exception! Feels, knows, gives over! When I personally saw her walking, arranging, that is performing natural everyday movement, I recognised, how all this can be seen on her. Her eductational- and trainer work can be a very good complement to NCR treatments, can enhance its efficiency, while the above mentioned “classical” trainer work worsens it. Alexandra moves and works out naturally, not in a strained manner, even if a bottom is flat, she makes the pelvis pulled under by the person willing to sport and train. She herself performs and demonstrates her excercises like that as well, knowing that its place is there, the pubis must face forwards not downwards. This way is chance for the gluteal to function, to obtain flat stomach and aesthetic appearance. In connection to the topic of “Heading towards and approaching Divine (golden cut) proportions” I again wish to refer to a concrete person who with Divine proportions, anatomic physique, outstanding aesthetical sense and endurance developed his physique to perfection. He is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Divine proportions can be seen on the fotos. A section can be divided into two in two ways, symmetrically and asymmetrically. In case of asymmetry we percieve the section breakdown to be nice if the ratio of the smaller part to the bigger is the same as that of the bigger to the whole. According to this proportion (0,618 and 0,382) and symmetry are the living beings created. Symmetry appears on the vertical axis from front and rear view, while golden cut proportions can be detected on the whole body where the section breakdown is not symmetrical. The primary Divine proportion is the proportion of the upper and lower body concerning the whole body height. The lower body is from the sole to the umbilical, the umbilical is the cutting point, the proportion of the lower body according to Divine proportions is body height x 0,618. Concerning its primary proportion we see such a physique nice, we say vernacularly “What a nice long legs!”. It is to be seen on the above foto. In spite proportions, e.g. length of bones can not really be modified by NCR, the appearance can. At pelvis twisted tigh bones, twisted knees, “crescent” shins, inward turned ankles for example significantly worsen the appearance of the legs both in shape and in length as well. The shape of the body and the length of the limbs appear only in the original anatomic position! Arnold’s legs are straight, the knee joints are graceful, the calves are in one height, the muscles of the thigh are long-running, all the four heads are harmoniously developed, pelvis standing in middle position, pubis facing forward, stomach flat, in the doulbe biceps pose according to the anatomic movement fallen in. The shoulder-belt and together with it the arms are worht paying attention as well. On the upper foto it can be seen how is the hold of the arms when the shoulders are on their place. The elbow bight faces forward, the palms face the body. On this foto the length on the arms also can be seen. The elbow bight reaches till the primary dividing point, the unbilical. On the foto on the left, beyond the ones mentioned concerning the stomach, it can be seen how much the long and on their place staying limbs can open due to the more distant adhesion and arteries points. They together with the wide long-running back muscle appear like the wings of a bat. Moreover can be observed how the upper body concaves above the pelvis (looking from the front) as it anatomically should in such a pose. It is also a big mistake trying to compensate the misposition of the body by excess mass of muscles. This can be seen in today’s bodybuilding where unadmitting the displacement of the body, aesthetic appearance is tried to be reached by huge mass of muscles. Unsuccessfully! By now winning the antipathy of the people loving sporty arrearance and that of Schwarzenegger as well (he recently addressed bodybuilding sport by entirely legitimate criticism). The “overmuscularisation” of the imporoperly positioned body results in a malformed physique, as in this case the musculature cannot be developed in a homogeneous, harmonious way, resulting in short, thick neck and short, thick limbs and bulging belly, amorphous physique. The physique set by Schwarzenegger as a standard would be saving. The shorter appearance of the limbs can be ceased by NCR, with its help the limbs unwrap, unwind themselves and can reach thier “according to creation” appearance, length and shape. In this and in reaching Divine proportions NCR is indispensable and irreplacable!

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